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Dual Signalling


Dycon's dual signalling devices use a radio network as well as a telephone connection to transmit alarm signals at high speed using multiple signal paths ensuring that your alarm signalling will always have a back up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on either path.

We have been in the forefront of dual signalling development and continue to lead the way using the latest technologies for up to date modern communications systems.

Dycon's dual signalling devices come in three different configurations:

GSM and PSTN signalling
GPRS and PSTN signalling
GPRS and PSTN signalling which connects to a control panel's PSTN connection. This enables Contact ID signalling to an Alarm Receiving Centre.

Radio Signal Analysers - 3G/GSM with D2376 and GSM only with D2366

These products allow you to find the best location for all your radio products, whether using 3G and GSM, or GSM only.



GPRS/GSM/PSTN dual signalling device. 8 inputs expandable to 16. Transmits Fast Format 8 or 16 only


GPRS/GSM/PSTN/LAN dual signalling device. Transmits panel data in Fast Format 8 and 16, Contact ID and SIA formats and can download to most alarm panels via GSM




 GSM only radio signal analyser

 3G/GSM radio signal analyser

Quad band GSM Signal Analyser including GSM-r frequency band

Images available for this product:

D2366 - GSM Radio Signal Analyser
D2660 - Duet 4 Datasheet
D2376/D2366 - Radio Signal Analyser
Duet2 / Duet3 - Combined Installation Manual
D2660 Duet 4 - Installation Manual
 D23X6 - Quick Operation Manual
Programmer D0054
D2376 - Operation Manual v9
D23X6 GSM Signal Analyser - Manual
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